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Trask is committed to helping you build your business by providing you with small business insurance and business liability insurance to protect your small or large business from sudden loss or disaster. Trask insurance represents insurance companies with a clear history of excellent service since 1960. If you have a business in Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, or Washington, you can rest assured that we can find the right business and farm insurance for you with insurance that is as unique as your business needs.

Your small business and liability insurance is a protection for you, your business, your family, your customers, and your lifestyle. We understand that you have many insurance needs as part of your healthy financial planning outlook and may need more than one insurance service or may need specialized business insurance to cover your specific field. That’s why we tailor our service to your needs to help protect your investments, now and in the future.

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    Trask offers small business insurance and business liability insurance to help insure your business in auto, liability, and property protection. Additionally, farmers need insurance for their homes, outbuildings, equipment, products, animals, and workers liability. Thankfully, here at Trask, we can help you find the right insurance services for your business needs and may even help you obtain discounts with bundled services, should you need auto, home, or life insurance too.

    What is General Business Liability Insurance?

    General liability insurance, also called commercial general liability insurance, protects your business from potential injuries, damages, third-party claims, medical costs, and damage to other property. General liability insurance will protect your business and cover potential expenses incurred should your business not want to, or maybe not have the ability to, pay out of pocket.

    Why Get General Liability Insurance?

    You should consider general liability insurance if you, your employees, or guests using your property:

    • Access client equipment, especially if you are responsible for repairing that equipment.
    • Interact face to face with clients or business partners.
    • Represent your clients business, if you are authorized to represent your clients.
    • Are required to carry general liability insurance for contracts or contracted work.
    • Use third-party locations for business activities, such as visiting clients or a prospects location.
    • Whether or not the accident or issue was your fault, general business liability insurance will protect you, your employees, and your business against claims and may even pay defence and damage costs according to your policy limit.

    Your general business liability insurance may come with additional benefits:

    • Rate Reductions – Trask will find ways to lower your general liability insurance costs through bundled services, business history, business location and type, and more.
    • Responsive to Claims – Trask will immediately get into action when you file a claim and take the necessary steps to get your claim filed, help you find an attorney, and help you out with services during the claim period.
    • Payment Options – Trask will help you manage payments and cash flow during and after the claims period.

    Trask Helps You Get Small Business Insurance that Best Meets Your Needs

    Business liability insurance does not protect you and your business from everything that could happen. You need further insurance against negligence, even if this isn’t your fault. All businesses will need tailored insurance services to cover their specific type of business and cover them in all situations.

    Additional small business insurance should cover:

    Business Owners Policy – Called BOP insurance, this protects the property such as equipment or data.

    Professional Liability – Called E&O, this is for professional services and mainly for businesses with contracts or that gives advice to clients.

    Trask Small Business Insurance Covers All Businesses

    We cover many different types of businesses, whether small or large. We find you the right insurance as unique as your business with coverage tailored to the risks in your field. We are passionate about all types of business, here is a very short list of the businesses we can help:

    • Architecture
    • Barber Services
    • Beautician/Cosmetologist
    • Business Consulting
    • Education Consulting
    • Engineering
    • Errors And Omissions Insurance
    • Event Planning/Promotion
    • General Liability Insurance
    • Graphic/Web Design
    • IT Consulting
    • Janitorial Services
    • Landscaping/Lawn care services
    • Liability Insurance Overview
    • Management Consulting
    • Marketing/Media Consulting
    • Personal Training (Fitness)
    • Photography
    • Professional Liability Insurance
    • Property Management
    • Real Estate Agent/Broker
    • Research Consulting
    • Software Development
    • Systems Install/Support

    Why Choose Trask Insurance?

    At Trask we specialize in business liability insurance for professional services. We provide you with:

    Confidence – Trask is a highly rated company with a commitment to excellence, service, speed, and customer satisfaction.

    Contract Coverage – Satisfying most standard contract insurance requirements.

    Fast and Simple – Trask can provide you with quotes online, in person, or over the phone to fit your business needs and save you time.

    Passion – Our knowledgeable agents provide you with excellent service as we have since 1960 in six states.

    Tailored Services – We tailor the insurance coverage to your business and your risks.

    Learn more about Trask insurance using our website, speaking with us in person, or over the phone and see how we can provide you with all types of business insurance. Remember that insurance is about providing an investment for your future to minimize loss due to accident, fault or no fault, and fill in the financial gaps in between.

    Other Trask Insurance Services

    Discover the Trask Family and business insurance difference. We cover all of your auto, business, home, and life insurance needs. If you need auto insurance, we also help you find policies for your recreational vehicles too. If you need condominium, manufactured home, homeowners, or renters insurance, we supply you with the best quote and discounts. If you need specialty insurance, we will market your needs and come up with the best bundled services. We also cover your life insurance needs, whether they be term, premature, or variable. And finally, we can bundle these services up or find you a better deal with tailored-to-fit business, small business, and farm insurance needs.

    Remember that insurance is protection against theft, vandalism, acts of nature, liability, accident, and financial loss protection. We hope you never need it, but it is nice to know that you can resume normal lifestyle and business when something does happen. We will help you file your claims, find the right attorney, and help you through the difficulties surrounding loss, lawsuits, and time off work. Insurance is part of healthy financial planning and helps you avoid devastating loss. Business insurance is the single best way to protect yourself, your family, your business, your customers, and your lifestyle.

    About Trask Insurance

    Providing small business insurance and business liability insurance since its founding in 1960, Trask continues its service and dedication to the business community and you. We represent a variety of companies and will find the right services, best pricing, and tailored coverage to fit your requirements.

    Owned by Robert M Trask Jr. the Principal Officer, Producer & Broker and licensed in Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington, Trask is here to help you with your business insurance needs. So whether you own a farm, small business, big business, consulting firm, repair shop, home, car, or need life insurance, we can find the right service to keep your life and business running as smoothly as possible. Give us a call today and let us see how we can solve your insurance problems and needs with a simple, easy, and quick phone call.

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