About Trask Insurance – Home Owners Insurance Quotes

Trask is committed to finding you the right home owners insurance for your needs. We are a small town agency with the principle of big ideas and a history of excellence in service. We help bridge the gap between you and the big insurance companies, to market your needs to them, instead of the other way around. Our licensing is in Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington to serve your home insurance needs.

Protect your apartment, home, mobile home, rental units, town-home, and more with Trask home insurance quotes. It doesn’t matter if you own or if you are renting, you need coverage for yourself and what you have worked so hard to build. Even if you are renting or renting to own, your landlords policy does not cover you or what’s inside your home.

If something happened to your home, how would you pay for temporary shelter? How would you replace your basic necessities? How will you replace your electronics? And finally, who will pay for personal injuries after a disaster or catastrophe while you wait for the other insurance to kick in? Home owners insurance covers everything between you and the outside world.

What Do Different Home Owners Insurance Cover?



    Condominium Insurance

    Protect your possessions, yourself and your condo with condo insurance policy quotes through Trask home insurance quotes. Condo insurance is different from home owners because when you own a condominium you don’t own the building, you own what’s inside the building. Personal condo insurance covers you, your legal responsibility to others, your personal property, and any improvements or renovations you may have made to the condo. Your condo association insurance simply covers the building structure, common areas, and the physical property, nothing else.

    Remember that basic condo insurance covers everything from personal belongings and injuries to replacement of damages to ceilings, floors, and walls. While the condo owner is only responsible to fix the building structure itself, you may be liable to repair any inside textiles or treatments of the condo or attached buildings. An HO6 policy covers damage to any improvements or alterations you make to the building and any structures you own on the property. But, before you shop for condo home insurance quotes, remember to take inventory of everything you want covered and decide on the level of insurance that makes you comfortable. Get condo home insurance quotes through Trask today.

    Home Owners Insurance

    Home owners insurance is a must and mandatory for obtaining a mortgage and signing on a deed. You can, at any time during your mortgage period, choose to upgrade your homeowners insurance to cover more. Home owners insurance covers a wide variety of issues based on the type of coverage you are willing to pay for.

    Make sure your home is fully covered against theft, vandalism, leaky pipes, accidental fires, acts of nature, and more. Protect yourself and others and cover any medical expenses using home owners insurance. Trask insurance can help you find home insurance quotes to meet your needs and then help you file a claim in the future, but we hope you never need it.

    Mobile Homes

    Mobile Homes are a bit different than other styles of living. Your mobile home insurance should reflect whether you own or rent the land, how close your mobile is to other structures, and even what kind of mobile home you own. Mobile home insurance quotes reflect strongly your needs in coverage. These should be your personal belongings, out buildings, living expenses, medical needs and any nearby buildings you own. You should consider a policy that also covers nearby neighbors and the property the mobile home is setting on.

    Renters Insurance

    Apartments require renters to carry their own insurance, and so do most landlords, if you rent a house. You need to protect yourself, those you love, and your personal belongings against a variety of things including theft, vandalism, and damages to personal property by repairman or ill-repaired buildings. Some types of renters insurance also covers you and your family away from home, while covering your personal belongings inside the apartment.

    Plus, if you come home to damage from smoke, or water caused by a neighbor, theft, vandalism, or building collapse, then renters insurance will replace or repair damages to your personal property. Trask can provide you with renters home insurance quotes for the kind of coverage you need at a very affordable price, and may even get you discounts for bundled services through your other insurance coverage you have through Trask.

    Town-Home Insurance

    Your town-home masters policy does not cover everything. Even if you have one it is still a good idea to protect yourself, those you love, your belongings, and any town-home improvements you have made with a little extra coverage. Similar to renters, condo, and homeowners, town-home insurance covers as much as you need it to cover. Accidents happen and Trask is here with town-home insurance quotes to help you cover losses and medical expenses before they happen.

    No matter your dwelling type or if you are leasing, renting or mortgaging, Trask can find you insurance quotes to cover:

    • Bodily Injury – For everyone, including package delivery or repairmen.
    • Damage protection – Faulty plumbing, freezing temps, bad wiring, fires, broken windows, insect damage and more.
    • Liability – In case someone else’s property is damaged on your property, by structures on your property, or by any landscaping on your property.
    • Living Expenses – Should you find yourself without a home, some insurance plans can also cover loss of income for the days you may have to take off work to deal with the loss.
    • Personal Property – In case acts of nature, fires, water damage, or any other unforeseen accidents happen and they causes damage to your personal belongings on the property.
    • Temporary shelter – Home owners insurance should also cover temporary shelter expenses should damage to your home be devastating enough for you to need to rent a temporary place of residence while repairs are made.
    • Repairs – Home owners need to cover at least most of the repairs and replacements. Your premium will determine how much of a deductible needs to be paid before your insurance covers the rest.

    Trask Home Owners Insurance Quotes

    Home insurance should cover you for any time lost and will protect your home while you are out for the day, at work, or off on vacation. Property damage can be devastating and time consuming. Trask can help lessen the damage and burden on you and your family by helping you find the coverage that is right for you. Remember that premiums reflect how much insurance you have as well as the deductible needed before the insurance kick in and covers your claim.

    At Trask, we can help you find the right home insurance company, file a claim, find the right services for your needs after an incident occurs, and bridge the gap between you and getting your lifestyle back again. Home insurance is about protecting your future needs before they arise. Call Trask today and an agent will find a home insurance policy in a price range that is right for you and your home.